Sunday, June 3, 2007

Weekends come and go.............

Saturday we ate lunch at River Oaks CC. It was a delight. We dined on lump-crab,chili,seafood tortillas,navy bean soup, country club sandwich, chicken strips, salad, pasta, sirloin steak and lots of PINEAPPLE. Supposedly pineapple is a stimulant for mother's who are getting fed-up with the pregnancy thing. Anyway, dint work 'cos the w/e came and went, didn't it? Sunday we ate Indian food at Del Monte. Lots of curry stuff again aimed at stirring things up......It was great food and the twins were in top form. They were on their very best behavior trying to convince Mommy that they should be allowed to go to a swimming party taking place right at their normal nap time. They made it!

Here's a short video of Nana and twins at the lunch on Saturday.

And here's one from today at Del Monte with Paige wearing G'dad's Birkenstocks