Friday, June 8, 2007

............Here's our new baby

Steph looks great and other than a little yelling at the end ( baby was too fast for Steph to get an Epidural ) she handled this like it was a serious Pilates class.

I will load videos and as they upload to YouTube I'll add them here.
They really need no commentary.

Here we are just entering the room to see the baby for the first time

Nana picks up her newest grandaughter...

Nana picks up her newest grandaughter again



Jennifer said...

Thanks for all the videos. Almost as good as being there; well, as good as viewing a really great meal as opposed to eating it with you. Welcome, beautiful Evelyn. You came out much fatter than your siblings!

MomofTwingles said...

THANK YOU for posting all these beautiful photo's and video's on the new baby. We all (on the twins message boards) have been on pins and needles waiting to see the new addition....thank you!!!!!!

Norma said...

Ahhhh so Evelyn it is,huh...well,Paige and will have to teach her how to sing as well as you two do! she is gorgeous..just gorgeous...hey,I like your Peanut butter song,Guys!xx Grandad...thanks for sharing that wonderful time..x

get2eric said...

Dr Jenn, she is a bit more bonnie than the twins were but she is very small and well mannered too.

Twingles mom.glad you liked 'em

A.Norma, knew you'd like the singing..

paula said...

I am so happy that you posted those videos Uncle Eric, so great to be able to see your new very beautiful addition. What a gorgeous name too, Evelyn, so pretty.

EdamameMommy said...

Let's give Grandad a comment, said Paige. "we love to leave comments, and Graham is out with the boys watchin' horsies. We are staying home -- Paige & Mommy, Nana & the baby. And evie (paige typed that) is her name. I would also like to say we just love watching your videos. graham (Paige typed his name there) he went out I stayed in

Anonymous said...

So thrilled to get my first view of little Evie! What a great grandpa you are to have them up so fast!
Erica (cyber friend of Steph's)