Friday, June 15, 2007

She works hard for the money......

Steph's blog today talks about the amazing woman's body. It got me to thinking about it. Not that I needed a reminder 'cos I've been enamoured for these last 40 years heh? by this one :-

Isn't it amazing that all this machine needs to function is a nice cup of tea?
Oh sure, once in a while you need to give it a little more sustenance to keep it running smoothly. I usually ply a little oats like this:-

And if you take care of it in that manner you will see a happy contented worker like this :-

Or this one that Noel has treated kindly for 50+ years :-

Or this one that Tud has trained so well to do hard manual labor and still is as happy as can be :-

And Tud's dresses up nice to look like this :-

Note: He keeps an ankle bracelet and a big iron ball attached to it to keep her in the kitchen where he knows she's happiest.

Or, you could just get lucky and find a nice happy one in a pub in London like this one :-

Amazing isn't it that with gentle encouragement (a nudge here or there but no whipping) these cared for female bodies can look like this:-

Or this :-


EdamameMommy said...

now those are some beautiful women !

Norma said...

Awww That is not fair!!! I am at my worst there and not wearing MY Diamonds like our Bev!! (I like your new cleaner by the way)...anyway the next time Bev or you whip out your I go ok? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>gone! By the way...I, Normy, have looked after Noel for 53 years + 3 (courting)no wonder I look bedraggled! UNFAIR I cry!! you look gorgeous,Bev.x

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Norma, but I don't think I look that great at my computer - a bit intense!

Eric does take care of feeding me though :)

get2eric said...

A little bit of coal is what you are Norma. Just about to be pressed into a big diamond. You don't need diamonds, you are one..........almost.

Jennifer said...

Very nice post, and it isn't even Valentine's Day!

paula said...

That just cracked me up, so funny and very sweet.

Norma said...

Awwww,Bruv. that more than makes up for you posting that horrid picture of me your gorgeous Sister..who always looked after you and thinks that YOU are the Diamond for all that you have achieved in your life..(with the help of a good Woman mind you) x

Emily said...

What a sweet tribute.
(And I see you found a new use for the pic of me with my pint!)

EdamameMommy said...

What? Two days and no blog entries from you? Are you on strike? Fans are worried...;}

Norma said...

Thanks for the replacement :o) now I shall ask people to take some pics of ME with my new Bev knows I was never one to push myself in the front of a photo shoot from HER camera (tongue in cheek) xx

Anonymous said...