Thursday, January 27, 2011


Paige left her fish for us to care for when she left. The fish was a pinkish betta.  After I was gone for two days I returned today and saw this:

The fish was almost all blue and the flash brings more of the pinky color!!

Anther interesting event last week was the PDR we had done on the Mercedes.  We went to Corpus for the Mobile Tech Expo and one of the participants fixed a couple of parking lot dents for us.
It was like magic to watch them work on dents and repair them so well you couldn't see where the dent had been. P D R ...paintless dent repair.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wales Revisited

A couple of years ago we went to Wales for Ken's 90th birthday celebration.  It was a fantastic affair in a big tent on my nephew's sheep farm.
Almost all the family was there it was truly a great tribute to a good man.

Here Ken is going on about how he found wine underground in Italy during WWll

Here he is working the room....

It was a great time.

These two snook in under the tent flaps when no-one was looking..

Monday, January 3, 2011

Reliant Stadium and the Texans

After being in Houston for almost 4 years I at last went to a game......... the fact that it was a pretty meaningless game didn't matter much to me; I was thrilled to see an NFL game in person once again.  It's been a long time.

Our favorite Real Estate lady ( also a Cameron Hughes wine fan ) provided the tickets and even though I am hurting from back pain and still suffering also from the dreadful cough I've had for 4 weeks, I went.  The tickets were incredibly good.  Field level on the Texans side on the 35 yd line,  WOW!

Here  I am approaching the colossal amphitheater......And that's the left index finger of the stranger who took the picture.

I was really pleased with the seats... here's Matt Schaub ......

Despite the dismal record the Texans have this year the stadium was packed by game time.  Here is a rather long video showing how the fans cheer each of the players by yelling their names as they are introduced....

Here's one where Steve Slayton returns a punt.  It looks like if he'd cut right about 5 yards before he was tackled he would have had a blocker and maybe gone a long way........

It was a terrific time.  Thanks Gayle.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Keeping Up

We are so busy its hard to keep up.  After spending Christmas with Emily and Jennifer and the Martins, we went to San Diego on Boxing Day to visit the Walkers.  Al and Evelyn met us and we drove the 30 mins up to Rancho Santa Fe.

We had lots of good times and good meals in their spacious house and were thrilled by the views.
Here are some pics and vids.

 This is the front of the house with the balloon in the air behind it.

Here's Beverly and the kids having breakfast in the guest cottage.  There is not much furniture in there yet but there is a nice bed and we enjoyed it.

We went to a terrific little restaurant that encourages guests to bring their dogs!  Outside dining of course.
Here are PK and EB at Claire's.

We went to Del Mar and walked on the beach there called Dog Beach.  As you will see it is aptly named.

It rains sometimes in California and we were lucky enough to catch one of those days...........................

Guess what this is.  Can you tell?

Wait for it........

Keep your shirt on........

Ah ha!