Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wales Revisited

A couple of years ago we went to Wales for Ken's 90th birthday celebration.  It was a fantastic affair in a big tent on my nephew's sheep farm.
Almost all the family was there it was truly a great tribute to a good man.

Here Ken is going on about how he found wine underground in Italy during WWll

Here he is working the room....

It was a great time.

These two snook in under the tent flaps when no-one was looking..


Anonymous said...

That was a lovely surprise to see Ken again...hahaha and wait until our Kevin and Karen see YOU again after saying they snook in!Lovely.:)

Norma. Ken will be 92 or is it 93 this year,wow.

Emily said...

He loves telling that story. :-)

Great picture of K&K.

Vetmommy said...

A & C were talking about that great trip, just the other day. What a lovely day!