Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's My Life

Tonight we did a reprise of a dinner we had here at our pad with the Walker kids last week.  They enjoy it so much last time and we did even better tonight with a few new twists.

We had sprouts, carrots, red taters boiled and in a butter Egyptian mint sauce.  The kids love it. We had 16 lamb chops with a reduction sauce to die for from leftover Zin and buerre with a little stock and capers.....oh my. Shoulda took a pic I know!
 Only 3 little chops were left over.  Then, for dessert, we had Apple pie (peach for Graham) and cheeses.   The kids were delighted with the new taste sensation of blue and cheddar cheeses with a'pie.

Then whilst Nana was cleaning up the mess we went over to see our neighbor Mr Bob.  Here's a vid......

Evie at Lunch

Here is a video that I was prompted to take while having a snack/lunch with Evie.  She was all into this conversation about spicy food and I thought it would be interesting.  Of course, when I got the lens on her the conversation stopped. Still worth a watch though I think because Ev and I have a chip snapping crackling contest!.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Floors

We've always wanted new floors so we decided to indulge ourselves.....




Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Evie and the Chickens

Evie came to my house today for me to walk her to school.  Here she is working her computer....

We visited for 20 mins and when it was time to walk along the path to class she said she had to say bye to the chickens.  I couldn't get my camera out fast enough so I missed the first part of her talking to the birds.  Also, sorry about the sun flaring.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


One of my sisters used to say, "so I thought I would indulge myself" whenever she bought something special for herself.
It was usually preceded or followed with, " I've always wanted one of those"

Well, I've always wanted chickens.  I used to feed Antie Ett's in Fleetwood and I think of them like tomato plants or fruit trees, relatively easy to care for with a payoff-- fruit or eggs.
In all the places we've lived there wasn't one where 'farm animals ' were allowed by the zoning laws. So I never could indulge myself.

However,  Steph has 3 hens and since she is not allowed to have chickens in the rental house they're renting , we (I) offered to take in her hens temporarily. We'll keep them until Steph and Al  move to California in December.

We made a little area for them to run around in on our back patio.  Here's a video...

And a video of Nana and Evie yesterday....

Addendum to this post.

Here are our first eggs.  Pretty aren't they?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Graham and Evie .... lunch at Nana's

Graham asked for a reprise of the potatoes with butter/mint sauce, Evie had yoghurt and cereal.

Evie wanted even more cereal, a different kind.  Then she had more with milk.  She can eat!

These videos show Graham nicely playing and Evie the Imp.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Emily's Visit

Emily had a little business in Houston this past week. so we had big dinner plans at the Walkers.  Steph and Evie didn't get much sleep the night before because Evie coughed all night. Dinner at Piping Rock was cxd so we invited the twins to Bammel Lane and had a nice dinner there while Steph and Ev stayed home. PK and GB were thrilled with the reduction sauce I made for the filets and the butter/mint sauce for the boiled red spuds. They each ate 3 lamb chops to boot!

Here are some shots of the house already decorated with some Hallowe'en stuff and some nice video of Auntie Em and Steph feeding Evelyn. went to the Walker's and enjoyed some nice wine. Evelyn is still not 100% as you will see in the video of Steph feeding her chicken soup..
First here are a few pics of the downstairs of the house on Piping Rock.
 A great workable kitchen (with bat)
 Living room
 Game room


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Jumping Beans

We visited the Walkers this afternoon. In their new home they have a trampoline, it'll only be there short while until it's moved by the builder who was storing it there. I videod the kids playing on it. There are more pics but it's late and I'll post more tomorrow. Well, tomorrow's here and here are more pics and vids

Evie making sounds like a lion roaring and it made her cough
Paige is a lion too
She did it again!
Graham is a lion in repose

That's a scary lion