Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Evie at Lunch

Here is a video that I was prompted to take while having a snack/lunch with Evie.  She was all into this conversation about spicy food and I thought it would be interesting.  Of course, when I got the lens on her the conversation stopped. Still worth a watch though I think because Ev and I have a chip snapping crackling contest!.


Emily said...

I like the chip crunching contest!

Anonymous said...

I have posted a response to this,Eric,but will see if it shows up...if not will post it again..


Anonymous said...

No it's not shown..I posted that I agree with Emily and what a delight Evie is to watch..but I need more, please :) I have a 'yen' to watch and watch her time and time again ..our Dad would have called her a pretty little 'wench' :) so full of life awww. :)


EdamameMommy said...

crunch crunch crunch. That was a funny video. Made me hungry for chips and guac.