Thursday, October 14, 2010


One of my sisters used to say, "so I thought I would indulge myself" whenever she bought something special for herself.
It was usually preceded or followed with, " I've always wanted one of those"

Well, I've always wanted chickens.  I used to feed Antie Ett's in Fleetwood and I think of them like tomato plants or fruit trees, relatively easy to care for with a payoff-- fruit or eggs.
In all the places we've lived there wasn't one where 'farm animals ' were allowed by the zoning laws. So I never could indulge myself.

However,  Steph has 3 hens and since she is not allowed to have chickens in the rental house they're renting , we (I) offered to take in her hens temporarily. We'll keep them until Steph and Al  move to California in December.

We made a little area for them to run around in on our back patio.  Here's a video...

And a video of Nana and Evie yesterday....

Addendum to this post.

Here are our first eggs.  Pretty aren't they?


Emily said...

Glad you're enjoying the hens. I think Jenn clips the wings on hers to keep them from flying out. You might ask her about that.

Graham's right: Ev always says "I love you" three times! So sweet.

Vetmommy said...

Congrats on your fowl. Yes, perhaps they need a wing trim... maybe a housecall is needed. When to fit it in?!?

EdamameMommy said...

Huzzah! Eggs!

Graham observing just one of many things we don't notice. 'tis true!

Anonymous said...

hahaha Be careful,Stephanie,knowing 'ar Eric he won't give them back!! and I know which Sister it was that used to say that and it wasn't me! :)


Anonymous said...

Aww,the vids are great..hey,those Hens are beauties,Eric,and the Eggs look lovely but I believe you don't have to wash them ..just wipe them clean because they are porous..just something I learned years ago. :)I turned my sound up so that Noel could hear Evie on the 'phone. :)

Norma. (mrs know-it-all) :) x