Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's My Life

Tonight we did a reprise of a dinner we had here at our pad with the Walker kids last week.  They enjoy it so much last time and we did even better tonight with a few new twists.

We had sprouts, carrots, red taters boiled and in a butter Egyptian mint sauce.  The kids love it. We had 16 lamb chops with a reduction sauce to die for from leftover Zin and buerre with a little stock and capers.....oh my. Shoulda took a pic I know!
 Only 3 little chops were left over.  Then, for dessert, we had Apple pie (peach for Graham) and cheeses.   The kids were delighted with the new taste sensation of blue and cheddar cheeses with a'pie.

Then whilst Nana was cleaning up the mess we went over to see our neighbor Mr Bob.  Here's a vid......


Anonymous said...

AAwww! I didn't want that to finish! :( Enjoyed that meeting and the children were very polite and spoke when there was a silence..Mr Bob's nice too. :)


Emily said...

Dinner sounds delish! They are good eaters.

And they are so polite. Seems Mr. Bob was taken with them, too.

EdamameMommy said...

Yeah! Good job, offspring!!!!