Monday, November 8, 2010


My cousin Geoff and his wife Helen are visiting for a few weeks on their way to San Diego to see their son Mark.

Geoff mentioned to Graham that he was bringing Mark's Castle Legos and had them with him.  Graham was excited and wanted to see them. So Graham and Geoff sat quietly for two hours constructing this castle.
It was great for me because Saturday morning while Graham and Geoff built the castle I had 2 hours of quiet time to do my crossword.


Anonymous said...

Our Cousin Geoffrey has a lot of patience,Eric, so that will have been very interesting for Graham to help build that Castle. I suppose Helen went 'shopping' with Women do? :)


EdamameMommy said...

WOW that was a lot of work. Very nice castle. Love the drawbridge and flags. So happy my little man is into Legos. Fun time.