Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Another Old Feller's Thoughts......

I got so many responses from the post last week. All were well received.

This one I thought I would post for all to see since it came as an e-mail.

It's from my my brother Ken,

Hi Eric
Playing around on my PC, I came across your blog and it was great!. Singing along with the old tunes that you posted I was back in my younger days. Yes ! we had the get together's with Mum and Dad and all their friends and especially on New Years Eve when Dad had the task of 'letting in the New Year'.

Having been around a number of houses in the street and (having lots of drinks at all them ) he then proceeded to organize the family. Everyone had to do a TURN!!, I remember Rene would do a piece of poetry, uncle Wilf would play the piano, uncle Alf told a few jokes and yes! Mum would sing, I remember it to this day, i.e 'An old fashioned house in an old fashioned street, where the cobble stones harrass the feet,' I could go on but enough is enough.

You might be wondering what my contribution was?

Ha ha well!

I sang , It was a song that Dad sang to me, about a group of young soldiers at a camp before going off to fight in the first world war.Dad contributed with his medley of songs including 'I'm going back to imas' , 'Forget me not lane' ,'Confidentially',and 'with 'er head tucked underneath 'er arm'.
I remember when Norma was born and growing up and Dad had her tap dancing and singing. He was very proud of her! "a real trooper that girl" was his remarks!!
I will say cheerio for now and thanks for taking me back to those happy childhood days!!!
Lots of love to you all.


I watch the deals being offered to airline people every week.

Now and then there is a special that snaps your neck. This week Celebrity is offering and incredible deal.

It is a brand new boat.......

And Here

The deal is from Rome to FT Lauderdale, balcony cabin for $499. Of course as a single I would pay $1000
The flights from IAH to FCO are wide open as is the return from FLL.
I am tempted, what do you think?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy Birthday

Last week in Destin Beverly celebrated a birthday anniversary. We sang for her......

When we returned to Houston we celebrated again with the Walkers. Steph made a little cake and we sang for Nana again.......

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Destin Florida

We had a great time with our old friends.

Brian and Sandy have a lovely house on the golf course at Sandestin Resort. It is brand new and has 4 bedrooms all en suite. We enjoyed the weather even though the wind was real cool. Here is a video or two showing some of the fun.

Sorry the wind makes so much din on the video......

Steph sent me a message and kiddied me about making sure I got the obligatory snap of the group flipping the bird.....
Here it is....

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

An Old Feller's Thoughts (Updated)

This post was sparked by Emily.
Here's what she commented on my last post.
"Blogger Emily said...

Ah, come on, you don't have anything to post about if the grandkids are away? I missed you!
The kids look adorable as always. And the flowers look lovely. Nice job!"

Anyway, I thought I would take her cue and blab a little.

As I walk the dog each night I often think about old times. It think about my brother Ken and how he walked Petra (and the previous dog)diligently every day. I sing songs to myself (aloud sometimes) that are unfamiliar to most of you.

I think about my old Dad...and Mum.

And my sisters and brother who were still at home then and the songs that were sung in our house.

My sister Rene loved to belt out With 'er 'ead tucked underneath her arm.
It was a vaudevillian type song about Anne Boleyn. At the time in the 1940s Stanley Holloway was a top performer. Here is his rendition, You don't need to listen to it all. It is very interesting to me that Stanley seems to use a Northern accent in this song although he was born in Essex. He was a major player in the 1956 Broadway production of My Fair Lady. He played Alfred Doolittle in the NY play, the London play and the 1964 film.

One night he and Rex Harrison were leaving the London playhouse in the rain through the stage door. Harrison was known as a snot to his fans. An old lady waiting in the rain asked Rex for his autograph and Harrison said "sod off'
The old woman rolled up her programme and swatted Rex on his noggin. Stanley astutely said "this was the first I'm aware of when the fan had hit the shit!

When people gathered for a pint or two at our house there would always be singing.
My Mum would croon a few notes in those happy times and she would sometimes mix up the lyrics.
'Where'd you get that Hat?' was a song that my Mum confused with another song popular at the time that was 'On Ilkley Moor Ba' Tat' ( on Ilkly moor without yer hat)
Still the titles made for a nice rhyme but they really were two different songs.

Usually the family group gathered for a nightcap and singing after having been at the local. My uncle Charlie, Uncle Wilf, Auntie Lillian, and Mum and Dad and all the kids. Everyone had a song that they would sing on these get-togethers. Uncle Wilf's was 'I met her in Monterrey' My Mum loved Lily of Laguna. I don't know why. She sang it often. Here it is.
My sister Norma was perhaps the biggest talent. She and sister Olive had routines that they would do. Norma would do 'Down Forget me not Lane' and Olive would attempt 'I never knew anyone like you' and there was a little soft shoe action too.
I wish I had my video camera then. Dad would always do 'You are everywhere' and 'I'm going back to 'im as has' Oh the memories.
Oh, I could go on and on....................enough already.

Here's Danny Kaye covering Reg Dixon's song Confidentially.

Monday, October 12, 2009

A Brief Visit

I haven't posted in almost two weeks. Gave you all a nice break.

The Walkers have been gone for a long w/e to California, See Steph's album here.Hence I had no fodder for my posts....

We minded the kids for a little while today. They were supposed to eat some lunch but even though I made several things available like chili mac, taco pizzas,cheese and fruit, only Graham ate anything worth calling lunch. PK ate all the Cheshire cheese and some Gruyére. Evie had a banana.

But they did some artsy crafty stuff. And the girls watched Mickey, Donald and Cinderella so I took a few videos.Nana had just come back from her exercise. It's her birthday week and I bought the flowers for her.

All was quiet while they were drawing until I heard Evelyn singing and took this one......

The ocean was too cold to swim but Evie reported that she fell in.....

Then we pulled faces and stuck out our tongues. That makes for a nice bonding moment.

Nana looks better after her shower. She is dressed to go to the hospital where she is a volunteer every Monday afternoon. Did anyone notice the Lennox vase with the pretty red roses? How about that canal picture too! We are thinking very seriously about repeating that particular canal run again this coming May........

Evelyn did eat a whole banana watching Mickey.

She is singing along with the music here. To bad you can hardly hear it.