Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Another Old Feller's Thoughts......

I got so many responses from the post last week. All were well received.

This one I thought I would post for all to see since it came as an e-mail.

It's from my my brother Ken,

Hi Eric
Playing around on my PC, I came across your blog and it was great!. Singing along with the old tunes that you posted I was back in my younger days. Yes ! we had the get together's with Mum and Dad and all their friends and especially on New Years Eve when Dad had the task of 'letting in the New Year'.

Having been around a number of houses in the street and (having lots of drinks at all them ) he then proceeded to organize the family. Everyone had to do a TURN!!, I remember Rene would do a piece of poetry, uncle Wilf would play the piano, uncle Alf told a few jokes and yes! Mum would sing, I remember it to this day, i.e 'An old fashioned house in an old fashioned street, where the cobble stones harrass the feet,' I could go on but enough is enough.

You might be wondering what my contribution was?

Ha ha well!

I sang , It was a song that Dad sang to me, about a group of young soldiers at a camp before going off to fight in the first world war.Dad contributed with his medley of songs including 'I'm going back to imas' , 'Forget me not lane' ,'Confidentially',and 'with 'er head tucked underneath 'er arm'.
I remember when Norma was born and growing up and Dad had her tap dancing and singing. He was very proud of her! "a real trooper that girl" was his remarks!!
I will say cheerio for now and thanks for taking me back to those happy childhood days!!!
Lots of love to you all.


Emily said...

Sweet to hear from Uncle Ken. What a great memory for a 91-year-old!

Thanks for sharing.

EdamameMommy said...

So bittersweet to hear these things that are in his head giving us glimpses like a spliced, old reel-to-reel film. Yearning for more, anything and everything you old buggars can spill out so we don't lose it.

Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

Between your post below with the Stanley Holloway vids and this one, you're making me homesick for an England that no longer exists.

Your trips down memory lane remind me of my family in Buckinghamshire and friends in Gloucestershire. That old England ended while I was living there in the 60s and 70s. I'm glad I saw it before it ended.

get2eric said...

Too true Patrick. It ain't the same no more.....

Anonymous said...

Patrick..there are a few of us 'Olduns' left (thank goodness) and I for one am enjoying the memories of my Brothers Ken and Eric on here..keep it up,Guys,it might start my memory bank to open up again! :)


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...