Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sunday Brunch

The Martins came down to Houston on Saturday. Anna stayed with Nana and me and the rest stayed at the mansion. After a great poolside recreation and dinner on Saturday Al and Stephanie were our hosts for our brunch on Sunday. We went to our favorite family Mexican joint- Hugo's - which has a terrific brunch on Sundays.
Katie Jackson joined our group too. She is a friend of Steph's who also works with Al.

Here are a few pics to keep you going until I return from our Sabbatical........

Anna shows us her second loose tooth.

ColinO wants to be a plumber so bad..

I may get to post a vid or two before we scarper manana.

Here Graham and Colin try out their Margarita.

Here is a view of the Nana/Al side of the table, with Anna, Graham and Paige.

Here Anna teaches everyone about her ballet. Graham, Paige and Colin O already are familiar with the steps and movements because they took ballet too!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

We've got bags of 'em..........

My friend Derek was a very generous man who loved to give things to people. He was innovative and always interested in the latest fads, foods and info.

If you told him you liked something he had he would give it to you. "Go on, take it" he would say, "we've got bags of 'em" . I miss him.

Anyway I have bags of pictures of a terrific w/e we just spent with the Martins and Walkers and Little Bev thrown in for a topper.

Here's the banner we made for when the Martins came to Houston.

This is a nice pic of Nana and Paige

I'll post more later............maybe some videos.........As promised here's a couple of movies.

Primero bideo.........This is a video showing Paige and Graham and Grandad making a banner to welcome the Martins.

segundo we are at the Pumpkin Place



Wednesday, October 10, 2007

After good news from the Dr, what do you do?

Enjoy some ice cream from B & R........

We did that last night and enjoyed the treat. Earlier in the day I was at Del Monte and took the following two videos.

And this one, I can't wait to hear A. Norma gooing over this footage of Evie B.

Then after dinner Steph brought the kids in pyjamas to say goodnight. I got this nice pic of Nana and Paige.

Monday, October 8, 2007

She loves me, she loves me not..........The Doctor said she does!!!!

As you've read, one of the most difficult experiences in life is moving to a new town. Since we've done that so many times before it is not as bad for us as for some folks. Still. there are all the unfamiliar things that you must deal with like - new church, new neighbors, NEW BARBER, new grocery stores, etc....... And new Doctors.

Oops there goes the phone.( I am writing this on Monday afternoon and at this point the cardiologist interrupted with his follow up call. Until then I did not know the outcome of the tests)

So anyway, I went to a new GP - a female - and was pleased with her easy manner and her lack of pretentiousness. Dr Beth Nelson saw us at the scheduled time and we both were pleased with the visit. We told her we needed a heart Dr. and a gastroenterologist and she provided us with some names. On the same floor was a cardiologist and she arranged for us to see him right after we were finished with her.
We saw cardio Dr Medina first. He took all the details and was blown away when Beverly produced 10 years of test results in easily readable spread sheet form along with pertinent dates of all invasive procedures. " You are not allowed to go see a Dr without this woman" Dr Medina said to me. "She is needed"
Of course, he was preaching to the choir. I have long ago learned who the best person you can have in your corner is.

Next Dr Medina asked about family history and I sketched it out while the mouthpiece in my corner completed the details. "His brother died of an abdominal aneurysm" she offered. Medina did a few weird looks and said, " This woman loves you" "she is indispensible" he said he had noticed something and wanted to check it out since the history indicated it may be a problem. " Don't exercise until I call you after the test" he said. So we got a day off from the gym. Early Monday morning I got a call from the nurse that it was ok for me to good is that? They called when they said they would. And it's great that I can continue to exercise.

I had all kinds of tests done. Besides checking my prostate gland .........ooh will you respect me tomorrow?.....We did an echo cardiogram, a electro cardiogram, blood work and every test you can think of but a Pap smear!

The echo test was "great" all valves normal and they cannot even see that a stent had been implanted. ( Thanks Dr Wagner )
All my numbers in the blood count area were good......Total Chol 171 HDL 63 and LDL 75
The Mouthpiece and I are very pleased tonight with nothing but good reports from the highly respected Houston medical community.

Time for a cruise, hey?

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Matching dresses.

This is Nana and Evie on the floor watching the balls drop

And Nana and Evelyn and Paige, with some input from Graham.....

And finally Evelyn sleeping waiting for Mommy to return so she can eat!