Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sunday Brunch

The Martins came down to Houston on Saturday. Anna stayed with Nana and me and the rest stayed at the mansion. After a great poolside recreation and dinner on Saturday Al and Stephanie were our hosts for our brunch on Sunday. We went to our favorite family Mexican joint- Hugo's - which has a terrific brunch on Sundays.
Katie Jackson joined our group too. She is a friend of Steph's who also works with Al.

Here are a few pics to keep you going until I return from our Sabbatical........

Anna shows us her second loose tooth.

ColinO wants to be a plumber so bad..

I may get to post a vid or two before we scarper manana.

Here Graham and Colin try out their Margarita.

Here is a view of the Nana/Al side of the table, with Anna, Graham and Paige.

Here Anna teaches everyone about her ballet. Graham, Paige and Colin O already are familiar with the steps and movements because they took ballet too!


Emily said...

Sure hope that margarita was a virgin... :-)

I love that place, too. Muy delicioso!

Have a great sabbatical.

Jennifer said...

A good time was definitely had by all!

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