Sunday, October 14, 2007

We've got bags of 'em..........

My friend Derek was a very generous man who loved to give things to people. He was innovative and always interested in the latest fads, foods and info.

If you told him you liked something he had he would give it to you. "Go on, take it" he would say, "we've got bags of 'em" . I miss him.

Anyway I have bags of pictures of a terrific w/e we just spent with the Martins and Walkers and Little Bev thrown in for a topper.

Here's the banner we made for when the Martins came to Houston.

This is a nice pic of Nana and Paige

I'll post more later............maybe some videos.........As promised here's a couple of movies.

Primero bideo.........This is a video showing Paige and Graham and Grandad making a banner to welcome the Martins.

segundo we are at the Pumpkin Place




brandy said...

Great photos! I love the fall season. I especially like the photo of you with all the kids. Looks like everyone had a great time.

(a friend of Steph)

Emily said...

Happy times!

Norma said...

You are the World's best photographer...mind you your subjects are beautiful so how can you fail..:o) I bet you do miss Derek..he was a lovely man..all your friends are/were ..x

get2eric said...

Brandy, thanks for coming out!

Emily, you were missed.

Norma, you are kind.

EdamameMommy said...

Wahoo thanks for the bideos. I love seeing it all over again. Esp the WE LOOOOOOOOVE OUR NANA part.

Anonymous said...