Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chuy's Tonight

Our weekend with Colin and Anna is almost over. They're pretty easy to have. Nana loves it and is going to miss them a lot. Me, I'm a little older and need my quiet time. Know what I mean? Woah! They're non-stop energy.

We had a great day today although Colly Olly is suffering through some kind of allergy reaction. Late in the afternoon we went to the Walker's house and had some fun. Here's a picture as we were about to leave. I will also post lots more video as soon as it loads on YouTube.

Here's Steph pulling on LuLu's ear

After this big day Nana and I did not want to spend time in a restaurant so we ordered take-out from Chuy's and ate at home. Everyone was stuffed and Nana and I swore off food for a week.

Museum Visit and Sunday Morning.

Just some vids and pics from Saturday and Sunday......

It's a tough job but somebody's got to do it.


Anna and Colin came to town Friday. Nana picked them up as she was returning from Waco. First thing they wanted to do was go to see their cousins.

Here is some of Friday's activity. Too bad I missed Evelyn being the mop as they were really swinging her around the floor like a Swirl of Life............

Paige is the mop

Colin and R2D2

Evelyn sings 'it's raining'

They played Doctor????

The popping noise on the last one was Colin with a cork gun.Next we played hide go seek Grandad style.

Nana likes her wine........

More Later.