Sunday, February 14, 2010


Anna and Colin came to town Friday. Nana picked them up as she was returning from Waco. First thing they wanted to do was go to see their cousins.

Here is some of Friday's activity. Too bad I missed Evelyn being the mop as they were really swinging her around the floor like a Swirl of Life............

Paige is the mop

Colin and R2D2

Evelyn sings 'it's raining'

They played Doctor????

The popping noise on the last one was Colin with a cork gun.Next we played hide go seek Grandad style.

Nana likes her wine........

More Later.


Emily said...

Wow, they are a busy crew! Paige is really the champion back-bender.

Anonymous said...

Sigh...That was the best visit I have had to your Vids!! I really enjoyed the party!!! what a great atmosphere for those children..they were full of the games and enjoyment of each other.
I had to watch a couple twice I enjoyed them so much, hahaha Absolutely fantastic,Grandad!


Anonymous said...