Friday, June 1, 2007

June 1st and still no new baby....

I know how much you guys like my videos; I got EIGHT comments on the last one. Just like the DJI--- a new record today.
So, since the response was encouraging, I am inspired to continue the production. (get the message inferred here?)
Here's a vid of the twins this morning walking up to the townhouse before going to Camp.

Steph was up early this morning and was first in line at the drop off point. The twins awakened her at 6 a.m. fully dressed and ready for camp. She is Sooo ready for the baby to stop procrastinating.


EdamameMommy said...

Yes, the baby needs to be as punctual (or early) as her sibs. I didn't know you were narrating a video, and when I walk up in that one I'm saying "still pregnant" ha -- like you couldn't see that!

Emily said...

Yeah, in that one you can tell Steph is a little tired of carrying around my next niece.

Anonymous said...