Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Raining cats and dogs here in Houston. Jennifer and Anna and Colin O. are coming to see the new baby later today. They will be travelling in rain the whole way according to the weather stations projections....... Bev and I are going to visit with Eric and Susan Muirhead ( Bev's cousin Eric) and we were supposed to have going to swim but it looks doubtful with all the thunderstorms in the area. P.S.Someday I will post about the salmon that Eric and I dished up. Also today as on my birthday last month I got to hang some more window blinds.

I took a couple of nice videos last evening and Bev took a shot of me yesterday doing my Saturday crossie....

Here's Graham eating a cookie and telling us about someone with freckles.

Here's one with Graham acting like the patient to Nana and Paige who are doctoring him

Here's one posted hours after the others, I got busy with grandkids.

Here's another......