Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Cultural Eclecticism, oh yeah.

Emily and I went to a wedding in Coppell yesterday. I had met the nice people who were married a few years ago at an IMC2 party. They are from diverse backgrounds- Eduardo from Peru and Michelle from London and with Indian parentage. The attendees at the church reflected the mix and more, there were all kinds there. And different accents too. The party after the wedding was held in a winery in the south end of Grapevine right off Glade Road. It was very nice.
Unhappily I don't have pics of the bride because we didn't take the cameras into the church (Terribly long ceremony with Mass and all. And it started late by almost a half hour because I think that Peruvian time is like Mexican time, huh?)
Nor did I get a pic of her at the reception because they were delayed getting to it because of the obligatory pics at the church and heavy 6pm traffic from Coppell thru DFW to lower Grapevine. So I was just leaving for the airport when they got there. Maybe Emily will post on this too.

I did get the pic above of Em on the drive from the church to the winery, and a small video as she drove me to Love Field for my return to Houston flight.