Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cruising Down The River

Despite us both catching a nasty cold with a lingering cough-(still got it after 12 days) we had a great trip and loved the Avon and its surroundings. We got to Stratford on Friday and watched a regatta that was going on and went to the market where we saw some interesting stuff....

After walking around town we caved in early and luckily that put us both right on to U.K. schedule. Next morning The Tuds met us and we drove down to Bidford to pick up the boat.

..........Had a nice ploughman's at the pub there in Bidford while we waited for the boat to be prepped. Tud and Josie were thrilled with the cruise and we sailed them down to Evesham where we overnighted next to the lock. We went ashore for dinner and finished a nice bottle of red after we returned to the boat.

The next morning we boated back to Bidford and dropped them off.

Then we cruised back down river to Evesham and stayed there again. A very nice town with good restaurants and shopping. Monday morning we headed down towards Tewkesbury to meet The Martins there Tuesday at noon.We found a lovely little mooring and had a very nice evening watching the sunset and Canadian geese.

Here's a nice couple of videos we took that evening.......

Here we meet the Martins.....

And here Col and Anna get the Captain's hats that I bought them weeks ago. Colin had asked me if he could drive the boat and I told him he and Anna could be the captains of the boat. They loved the boat and the hats.

Colin and Anna sing with a little help from Grandad.........

The kids loved seeing and feeding the wildlife on the river...

And before you knew it our time with them on the boat was over and we said goodbye.
But we would see them again, with Emily in Wales a few days later.

Bev and I enjoyed the last two days on the river and by now our colds were merely coughs. Here is a video of our last lock. We did about 25 of them and they were sometimes a little like work!
We went up to Birmingham Friday afternoon and rented our car drove it back down to Bidford where we stayed the night before leaving for Wales early Saturday morning.
Here's Bev at the station in Stratford.

That's it for the boat trip. Wales next.