Friday, July 4, 2008

Cymru am Byth

'Wales Forever'

My father was born in a small Welsh town called Hanmer. It is pretty close to the border with England and the only way one would know that you'd crossed over the border is that the directional traffic and road signs are written in Welsh as well as English.

So it was like going home last week when we went to my brother's 90th birthday celebration. It was terrific to see everyone there - Emily, Jenn and her family, Ray B and Kevin H and their families. And Chris and Val Downward who live in Llangadog were just terrific hosts. Their kids Andrew and Simon and their families were there too.

With so many people coming from so many distant places there was not enough room at the farm even though it has three houses. So we stayed at the famous Red Lion Hotel in Llangadog. The name of many Welsh towns begins with Llan -meaning church- followed by a saint's name. The hotel was first class and the owners were very friendly and hospitable. They took over the hotel about 5 years ago after the prior owner's daughter was shot and killed on the hotel's back doorstep by a local farmer who then shot and killed himself. I could not find why he did it other than that he was not stable minded and she was up the duff! And the farmer had a fixation on her. You figure it out.
Caroline Evans She was 27 and ran the hotel with her dad, a retired vet named David Evans.

Farmer William Davies

After firing into the ceiling twice a struggle ensued and he shot her and she died instantly lying by the rear door of the hotel. The old dog Charlie usually occupies that spot now.

Here's two shots of the hotel. One from their brochure and one that Emily took. The three big steps of stone to the right of the the door were placed there to allow gentlemen to easily mount their horses and date back to when the hotel was a coaching inn probably mid 18th century.

Anyway, just thought you'd like to know that.

Next post will be about the 90th birthday celebration.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Eric for all the wonderful pictures, videos, and information. I would love to talk Richard into doing something like your boat trip on the Avon but don't think it will ever happen.

get2eric said...

Hi Cathy, glad you enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

I left a comment and it hasn't appeared..ah,well Norma.x

Emily said...

oh! I didn't know that tragic story about the Red Lion.

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