Saturday, July 5, 2008

Really and Truly

We met at Chris and Val's lovely farm Pant y Turnor - The Turnor Valley. As Jennifer reported in her blog Chris had laid some aggregate down on the grassy area outside the house and erected a humongous tent. It must have taken days to erect it.

Getting to Llangadog from Stratford took about 3 1/2 hours. It was only 128 miles and the Mapquest deal said it would take 2 hrs 28 mins. Motorway all the way to Wales and then 'A' roads to Llangadog. Well, navigating with American logic we got lost. As did Emily coming from Bristol and Jenn and Anth from Evesham. We did finally get to the hotel to get cleaned up for the do.

Emily had been there a day early so she had scoped out the directions Chris had supplied and she had not been able to locate the farm. Now these directions were distributed by me to all the American and Runcorn side of the family. Problem was they contained a GLARING error. At the three horseshoes turn right shoulda been turn left. You cannot believe how hopelessly lost we were. And all the groups from the Runcorn side had the same confusing problem. Fortunately as sparsely inhabited as the area is anyone you asked knew Chris's farm.

Here is a video of Ken scaring his new great grandaughter....
And another of Ken's acceptance speech.

As you can see from the pics, we really and truly had a wonderful time truth be told.


Anonymous said...

How lovely to see Ken and hear him speak (although we talk on the telephone rarely now) it fair breaks my Heart that I missed it..he told me three years ago that the party was going to take place so I told him to make sure he lived until 90! :o) HE DID! and circumstances beyond our control stopped us from being there.Norma.

Emily said...

So nice to have the videos and be able to hear his voice anytime we want. Brought tears to my eyes.

Anonymous said...