Saturday, March 22, 2008

Waco Reunion and other stuff........

Last weekend in Waco the Brooks family and others got together at Joe and Gail's house. Jimmy and Becky thrilled us with a small recital on the piano. See Gail's blog for more of the piano playing stars.....GailLinkHere...

Here's Emily reading a book she made for Colin. She made one for each of her nieces and nephews. See more on this in her post here

Here's Anna reading her own book. She really reads well and has won recognition at school for her ability. Auntie Emily went to a great deal of effort. It was appreciated by the nippers and the adults as well.

Buck and Cathy went to Austin after Waco and then came down to Houston on Thursday.

Here we are having a picnic at a park after a failed attempt to gosee Lucy's bones. The traffic around the museum was just too much and we couldn't find a parking space so we gave up and ate out instead!

And here'slittle Evie on a swing. As Paige tells me it is not her first time either!