Thursday, March 6, 2008

Grandma Dulce is 87

We drove to Waco last Saturday to celebrate Grandma Dulce's birthday. Aunt Sudie and Dulce were surprized because they had known Cinda and Li'l Bev were coming but Beverly's visit was unexpected.

We went to eat at The Olive Garden and had a great time. The Brookses and Muirheads seem to enjoy the uncivilized act of sharing food THAT'S ON THEIR OWN AND OTHERS' PLATES. Oh my.

Anyway, after everyone was satiated we went back to the house to eat some delicious cake that Cinda (the gorgeous looking girl dancing in the video) had prepared.

At the end of this first vid you will see that brother Joe and his offspring Beckie and Jimmy came for cake too.


Emily said...

Oh, I'm glad you got that on video! That made me smile.
Cinda does look very young (as usual). Glad we have such great genes, on both sides of the family!

Jennifer said...

Hilarious! Grandma always did love to dance. If it had been a tune from her era, I'm sure she would have been warbling, too!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I enjoyed that!!!! very very much...Cinda looks very sexy,huh? and Dulcie wow what a mover!!!

Also Eric, I have just enjoyed all your memories xxxx

am putting my name on this 'cos I don't understand the new password thingy..
NORMA. xxx

Anonymous said...