Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A little learning is a dangerous thing. -Post Script.

My father used to misquote the saying that is this post's title. (Knowledge in place of learning) But in my case 'know-how' would be more aptly substituted!

Anyway,when Bev is away for a few days I like to do something to surprize her when she gets back. Like paint a room or some other little chore that we both knew needed to be done. Well, she's in Phoenix for the last two days so I decided to get rid of few extra protrudences and non-functioning thingys hanging off the ceiling and walls.

The people before us had had a security system and multiple smoke alarms which didn't work. So I removed the smoke alarm from the ceiling and patched the hole. Great. I removed the major security transmitter from inside the laundry area and snipped all the wires and did the same for the alarm keypad next to the bed, snip, snip. Did a good job matching the texture and the paint.

Today my friend Tud was to see his Dr. in Liverpool to get the skinny on what they will do for him. He was due home by 5 pm so I was watching the clock for the approprite time to call (adding 6 hrs). When I picked up the phone to call I had no dial tone so I called ATT and they checked it out. Said there appears to be a break in the line. Don't think it was my handiwork do you? Snip snip.

P.S. Yes it was my fault and after the phone lady stopped laughing and calling her associates to giggle with them about my blunder she figured out how to fix it. I had to chisel a hole in the wall to get the wires out so now I can test my patching ability again!