Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ride 'em Cowboy

The rodeo is in town. Every year in Houston the rodeo takes over the entire complex at Reliant Stadium. We went on Wednesday night and saw the rodeo which is spectacular and Faith Hill who was something less than spectacular, although I think the format was not the best for stage acts.
Beer was $7 per bottle so we didn't drink much.

Here's small video of Graham and Paige dressed for Rodeo Day.


Emily said...

Did you put on your cowboy duds, too, Grandad?

get2eric said...

Nah, I knew we would have to walk through the rides and food area and be a long way from where our 3rd row centre seats were so I didn't want to upset my bunions by cramping them in a small toe-box with 3 inch heels (my boots)

I wore my jeans and leather jacket and Mommy was in jeans and matching jacket.

Anonymous said...