Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Significant Old Saw......or.....you never can tell

The complete title for this post really is ' you never can tell before until after what's least expected most' (acknowledgment given to my brother-in-law from Weaverham)

Well, here's the story:

February is the month when we must get our cars inspected. Because of Bev's foot operation we left it until last week. Naturally I want to be able to trust the garage that I use for inspections and repairs. Since we left El Paso, where we knew we could trust Resler Chevron ( They once came back with a bill that was less than the estimate!) we have been using a Mobil station for our oil changes and they cemented their relationship a few months ago by fixing a flat free of charge.

So I took my car in and it passed no problem but they recommended a flush and recharge of the transmission fluid. At $215 plus the $40 for the inspection. Nah, I said we'll have to wait on that flush. Next I took Bev's car in which had a little 'check engine' light on. "We'll have to resolve that exhaust system problem that that light indicates before we do the inspection" said K.C. " because it will fail the inspection" Okay I said. It turned out to be extensive and expensive......$750 for parts and labor. It took them 3 days to do it and it was finished on Friday night as I was picking Bev up from the airport.

Driving from the Hobby airport to the station I tried my cruise control and it wouldn't work. A minute later I put on the A/C and, damnit! It wasn't working either. Bev said I should mention it to the mechanic as we picked up the Pathfinder and I'm all "What, are you kidding? Do you think they're gonna be able to look at this at 6 pm and do you think they will give a rat's ass that we are driving to Waco tomorrow and we will be without air and cruise?" Bev said well you never know. Oh yeah!

When we got there the guy saw my unhappy face and said " What's up Mr Downward?" I told him about the a/c and cruise control issues. He gave me the bill Bev's car and said he would have Juan take a look at my a/c immediately. The bill came to $699 AND they threw away the bill for the $40 inspection for my car and discounted the $40 inspection fee for Bev's car too. Nice!
Then about 5 minutes later Juan was under the hood checking the fuses and compressor and all, he said there's plenty of freon and the fuses are Ok it should work. He turned on the car and Bingo the A/C was working. You'll have to try the cruise while driving home he said. I did and Shaboom! It worked too.
So you see, you really never can tell before until after etc...


Emily said...

wow! a Trustworthy mechanic is certainly hard to find but very valuable. Glad they could fix everything and gave you some freebies.

paula said...

Am very very impressed, I have really struggled in the past to find a decent trustworthy mechanic/garage (doesn't help that I am female, they tend to try to fleece me at every available). XX

Anonymous said...