Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tag, you're it!

Emily tagged me with this 4x4 meme. Four questions and four answers to each.

4 places I've been...Note I am skipping Bermuda where I have been 15 or more times.

  • Bora Bora. We stayed in a hut suspended over the water.

  • Barcelona. I walked my rear end off on my first visit- so much to see.

  • Benidorm. Saw a lady (Sticky Vicky)do some incredible things with a light bulb. Now for the more prudish of you, please do not click the link.

  • Broadway. In the Cotswolds, a very pretty little English village. On our honeymoon

    we visited this spot where Bev's dad had been briefly stationed with

    Patton's 3rd Army in 1942.

    4 jobs I've had....

  • Butcher.
    Started at 13 years old until 16.

  • Bartender.
    In Queens at my BIL's bar near Belmont raceway.

  • Bellboy.
    P/T on the Queen of Bermuda.

  • Bosun. On the Manchester Ship Canal from 16 to 17 just before coming to U.S.

    4 Bands/Singers I listen to....

  • Beatles. Surprized?

  • Bocelli.
    Almost everything sounds fab.

  • Buffet. Looks like an old fart but can put a song across.

  • Norah.
    Nuff said. I broke the code to include her.

    4 favorite foods...

  • Bread. There is nothing like a good piece with-

  • Butter. It goes on the above.

  • Beer.
    You can too include this as a food. It's liquid bread!

  • Bacon. To lay across the bread and butter to make a bacon butty.