Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tracy Arm Fjord

I have seen other videos on YouTube that show closer approaches to the glacier than we experienced. Nevertheless, even though we didn't get close to the ice wall it was a beautiful area and here are some videos showing the scenery.


Emily said...

It's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Water,Water everywhere..looks cool.


Anonymous said...

Being from Alaska, I have seen first hand the effects of global warming. I have witnessed glaciers calve off in monumental proportions.

In fact, I found a disturbing, yet spectacular movie that shows global warming footage of calving glaciers. Huge chunks of ice breaking off into the ocean! You can find this film called “Alaska, The Tracy Arm Experience” on Film Baby HERE:


I highly recommend buying Alaska, The Tracy Arm Experience. Watch the glaciers disappear before your eyes and show your friends and family what is really going on in Alaska.

Anonymous said...