Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"A bit Sloppy"

That's what Nana said. I'll let you figure out the context. Nah, on second thoughts I'll clue you in that it was whilst I was making a left turn in front of an 18 wheeler driving for ice cream after we had had Beef Wellington and adult imbibations......Nooooo we don't DUI it's just that Nana is SO prim. And she's usually right.

Next topic:

How lucky I am and proud too. I am proud that I got called to watch Evie this morning. Now as most sane adults know, two year olds can be tough on old buggers like me. I talk around to to others who have g'kids (my barber) and mostly it's women that do the duty. But Evie and I get along great, and with no-one else around to witness it I will play silly stuff with her that normally I wouldn't be seen dead doing. Like building bridges with leggos and trying to balance frogs and trucks on it! And screaming when, inevitably, they fall down.

Don't laugh until you've tried it. Besides, Ev and I love it so

I am pleased that my plan to go to the gym (accomplished) and swim (done) and buy some Guinness (got it!) was delayed by taking care of Evelyn. But after two hours of me she was ready for more challenging company. Look at this picture.......

Is she ready for her Mom or what? After this pic she said "No more pictures"

I really am happy I can do it for a few hours.


Emily said...

Be careful driving.

It's so nice that you and Evie have this special relationship! Her picture is adorable, even if she is ready to go.

Anonymous said...

Do you know what,Grandad Eric. it's quite plain to see that you and Evie have something very special..I have noticed it for a long time now..(2 years in fact) :)
Keep it up because it's a very precious relationship you have there with all your Grandkids. x and that is an adorable picture as usual! :)


Anonymous said...