Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Spinning Tops and Who do you love?

Here's clever Evie making a toy out of a non-functional bulb and writing letters to her favorite people.


Emily said...

Hey, how about Auntie Emily who gave her that cute t-shirt? ;-)

EdamameMommy said...

ha ha ha I like Em's reply.
These are the kind of videos I find terribly precious but others might be bored to tears with. Keep it up Gdad -- who cares if we are a fanclub of 5. (and that includes Mickey Mouse, btw)

Anonymous said...

Grandad missed the first part of her letter where she wrote: "Love Mommy, Love Daddy, Love, Love, Love....etc" She was so clever with her writing - all different sizes of circles. Simply amazing!

Anonymous said...

...LOVELY!! and clever with it!! :)


Catwoman Anna said...

Evie is such a little sugarplum!!! Love Evie, love school, love granddad... she is so cute!!


PS she should of said,"Love Anna, Love Colin, Love Auntie Jenn...etc.