Friday, August 21, 2009

Encouragement Gets More of the Same........

Thanks so much for the 5 comments. Nice to hear from all of you, and here's another treat. A pic of Evie showing off her nail polish and a vid of her swinging in Memorial Park while Nana was hurrying around the 3 mile track.

You can see it better if you enlarge the picture.


Catwoman Anna said...

Evie is a instant answer!!!
grandad: where did bro- bro go today?
evie: I don't know.
grandad:you don't know?!
evie: school.
grandad: where did sister go today?
evie: school.
grandad: do they like it?
evie: yes.

Anonymous said...

After I put the nail polish on Evie's nails she turned to me and said, "It's beautiful!" :)

Look at her long legs in that swing!!
Love, Nana

Emily said...

She's growing so fast, but the nail polish picture reminds me she's still little -- her little pudgy hands and feet, and the dimples where her knuckles will be are so precious!

EdamameMommy said...

That swing is begging for some WD40. Her legs look like something from a Tim Burton movie. She really isn't long and lean -- still 20% percentile squirt.

Anonymous said...

I ALWAYS enlarge the pics,Ec. that way I miss nothing haha..she looks fed up to me on that swing and she is looking for Nana. :) WD40 as Stephanie said is defo. needed. :)


Anonymous said...