Friday, August 14, 2009

For my Loyal Fans (All 2 of you)

And you know who you are.

We have had a great week full of grandkids. If Nana had not had a lot of pesky business to deal with this week as well as kids she would have had even more fun. She really loves having them around.

Here is Colin shopping for back to school clothes. And Anna trying to name her latest cuddly toy.(Jane)

Also, Anna getting her hair braided ready for swimming and then all the kids in Steph's car going to the club and giving thumbs up that their seatbelts were clicked.



Vetmommy said...

I think most people would not be so interested in those videos, but I LOVED them and watched them multiple times. Just watching Colin being himself, looking and touching all those toys! And sweet Anna looking so pretty. I really see them with a different perspective from this distance.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they are so much fun to watch! Grandad and I do have beautiful, great grandkids!!!!!

Emily said...

Seems Colin was more interested in the toys than back-to-school clothes! It's great that they get these special times with you.

Anonymous said...

Sighhhh,I could watch them forever! If I had been in the Toy shop with Colin I'm afraid I would have just said 'Quick,grab what you want and let's go' haha and lovely pretty in her wondering what name to choose (what's wrong with Norma?) :) and then all the lovely looking 'film star' kids scrambling in the car...WONDERFUL..the sound was better too today.. :)


Anonymous said...