Sunday, December 2, 2007

Old friends

Brian and Sandy visited us briefly on Saturday. They live in Lufkin and we have known them for more than 30 years. In the 70s we lived in Farmer's Branch TX and on the same steet as Brian and Sandy and our other close old friends Steve and Linda. Its always good to see them. Here's a video of Bev showing them around our little complex....

Here's a picture of Brian looking at art and one of Beverly and Sandra looking cool

We went over to see Stephanie and Al and the kids and we got a video of Graham singing ............And here's another rendition..

While at the Walker's Bev got a picture of me doing what I do best, eating candy covered popcorn,and I got a nice shot of Steph and Evie.


Emily said...

Mommy could have been in real estate. She looks great giving the tour.

Love the "woosh" you a merry christmas from Graham!

Anonymous said...

Are you leaving Houston already,Eric? did the people buy the complex then? hahaha little Patchie awwww ran to 'Mommy' ...Sandy looked a bit like Aunty Ett at first glance to me...loved our Graham singing..he's got a good voice that lad has!

Norma said...

flippin' heck I hate this new format of you lot...I posted that above...Norma.

Anonymous said...