Sunday, December 9, 2007

Niagara Falls Revisited

Last year for Beverly's birthday we went to Niagara Falls. We stayed at the Marriott which has a terrific view of the falls. We upgraded to the 25th floor even though it was extravagant to do so.
But as you will see from the photos, it was worth every Shylock grabbing penny. The view from our window, all day long was spellbinding.

We really enjoyed the area and we walked a lot. We ate lunch in a celebrated Italian joint and we thought it was..blah! Really, the food all over the area we found was mediocre but I guess when you have a restaurant that serves dinner and a view of Niagara you don't need a talented chef nor an awesome platter.

I had been to the falls a few times before in the early 1960s. I remembered before we went this time how mind arresting it had been, but this time, while it was still awe inspiring, there was a big difference. In 1960, the Canadian side was not built up at all. The American side, because of a the split in the river, does not have great access to get close to the falls. There is a little park there and walkway to get relatively close but nowhere where commercial stuff could really take advantage of the falls view.
The Canadian side however is smack dab up against the river and falls with excellent geography with a scarp slope that lends itself to buildings and other commercial enterprises with wonderful views of the action below. Whereas there was nothing much but the Customs Shed on the Canadian side in 1959, with the subsequent improved transportation (lots of Asians there),booming U.S.population, and our market economy, to say nothing of the romantic attraction that the falls is. it is now is overfull with commercial enterprises and BIG HOTELS all along the bank of the river.

Anyway, despite the commercialization we enjoyed it tremendously and when I chanced upon this folder as I was ruminating earlier today I thought it might make a nice post. Have at it.

Bev was trying this barrel out for size. It has already been over the falls once and the woman in it survived.

And finally, my current wallpaper.....