Sunday, December 16, 2007

Anna's Ballet Showcase.

We passed up the big Arrow Construction company Christmas party in El Paso on Saturday night( they give the best party with unlimited lobster shrimp and wine etc and terrific gifts for everyone who attends ) so we could attend Anna's wonderful ballet performance at Hutto High School in Austin Texas. It was a cold windy day and our seats were too far from the stage to get any decent video but I got a few short ones anyway just so you can get the gist of it. We took some other shots of Colin and Anna too so they will fill out this post.

Sorry for the overload but, ain't my grandkids great?


Jennifer said...

I love the videos of Colin's storytelling. Not so much the video of me in my pyjamas before my shower!

Yeah, I think they are all pretty great, too.

Emily said...

Me, too!
Colin's storytelling is so animated, and I could see Anna as the lead bead at the ballet. Thanks for sharing!

get2eric said...

Sorry Jenn

Norma said...

..:o) yes they are all great kids,Eric..:o) lovely videos too..boy am I enjoying them. x

Anonymous said...