Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Pflugerville Pfollies

After we got back from the cruise we went to Austin to pick up Patches. Dr Jenn had kept her at her clinic; Patchie was well cared for by all the people there. It was more than 3 weeks since we'd seen her and she was so happy and ran around in circles whimpering.

Jenn provided us with a quick lunch since we wanted to get back to Houston in a hurry to finish unpacking etc. Here's a pic of Jenn and Nana in the garden gathering some produce for lunch.....

Anthony has a new Apple computer and Colin and Anna love it. Look at these two videos.....

Colin was about to recite a poem while sitting on Nana's lap, but a spider got his attention. Look ----

Here's the entire poem, he speaks in 4 year old lingo with a Pfugerville accent.

Anna and Colin are so entertaining and make great subjects for blogging. Here's a little dance routine by Anna and Col followed by a vid of Colin's interpretation of the world-famous Body Parts Dance.