Sunday, November 4, 2007

Balcony Suite

We had a balcony (lanai in Hawai'ian) suite for the long cruise to the islands. Here we are at the beginning of the cruise still looking and feeling svelte.

We went to Nawiliwili first oin the island of Kauai and had a great time there. We listened to hula - watched it too, and went to the beach at the Marriott Resort. It is called the Garden Island and is really pretty.
Then we went to Hilo on the big island of Hawai'i. We saved 108 dollars by taking a bus for $3 and walking 1/2 mile to the Rainbow Falls. Here's a few pics of the falls and a video Bev took behind the falls........

Next we went to Maui where we took a local bus for $1 and went to Kaanapali. We transferred to a small local bus and went on to Kapalui where we had been snorkeling almost 30 years ago with our daughters. While swimming there I was attacked by a great white and got a nasty nick on my bonse..........'scuse the out of focus

The big white bugger banged into me and swam off. He didn't speak English so he was unaware of the remarkable series of cusswords I laid upon him.

Next we went to Honolulu where we had been several times before and had enjoyed the snorkeling at Hanauma Bay.
Here's Hanauma Bay and a little Japanese Girl with a special message for you.....

Our final stop was back to Hawai'i but to the western side to Kona. We bought coffee at $46 per pound. The town was pretty much unspoilt by tourism and we enjoyed a beer overlooking the bay and our ship and another one that was visiting too. This pic Bev took of me and a tree growing through the roof of a shop.