Saturday, November 24, 2007

My Thanksgiving Post - Now with Video!

I'm just going to post a few pics and maybe later I will have time to upload some video. We are having a great Thanksgiving with Emily here all the way from NYC and traveling up to Pflugerville to see ALL the Martins. Steph and her family are suffering on the beach at Cabo San Lucas, poor things, so they were not at our do. Last year Emily was absent from our Thanksgiving get together, maybe next year we will all be present.
Anthony was particularly generous with the wine and Jennifer did a sterling job on all the food. The kids were terrific and The Cowboys and Aggies won. What a Thanksgiving. Now if the Texans can beat the Browns today, it will be a great w/e too.
We took Emily to the airport and it was pouring. She called us when she arrived at home last night.We hated to see her go, BUT, she'll be back for Christmas, yeah!

Nana and Anna
Marion (Anthony's Mom) and Emily

A beautiful poinsettia that came from Costco./ Emily and Anna and Colin O
At the table enjoying the wine.
My world famous pie-lets.

Emily and Anna/ The Downward girls contingent.

A few videos that you may enjoy. Anna dancing, Colin talking about a beautiful cat and dancing around on a ball. Jennifer reading Colin's bedtime story. And some around the table at Thanksgiving.


Norma said...

OK what are those filo things?? lovely pics as usual..

Jennifer said...

The beautiful phyllo things are pie-lettes; they taste as good as they look. Made by Grandad himself!

get2eric said...

Thanks Jenn. I almost answered my sister but thought it would be better if someone else sang my praises.

Anonymous said...

Oohh fancy pants variation on the pie'lettes huh_ neato-

Graham and I watched your vids from an internet cafe here in los cabos...wish you were here! Can´t sign in properly because the keyboard isn´t allowing all the correct characters no at sign for instance. oh the things we take for granted!!

Jennifer said...

I love all the videos!

Emily said...

I really enjoyed the performances again on the videos! I'm so glad you captured them.

Norma said...

Oh,wow...I enjoyed watching those,Ec...Jennifer looks so busy ,busy hahaha so please will somebody tell me what is actually in the filo pies??? a couple of the Vids didn't work ..the first one for instance...but didn't spoil my enjoyment...our Anna dances well...and Colin nearly lost a finger to his Daddy..:o)

Anonymous said...