Monday, November 5, 2007

Halloween on Ship

We spent Halloween aboard the Diamond Princess. We left from Los Angeles and sailed to the Hawai'ain Islands. It was terrific and princess went all out. For Hallowe'en they had a big champagne party and most of all the waiters were in costumes.
Here's a few pics.

Patricia from Brazil was our favorite waitress along with her partner Anna from Thailand. They really treated us well and we had almost every breakfast at their station. Here's Patricia with Bev and then Anna with me.

And here's a video of the champagne party. The Maitre D' was pouring champagne for at least 1/2 hour ( case after case after case ) and it was bubbling down a pyramid of glasses. The music was loud and it was fun. Princess went all out and impressed us with this give-away.


Jennifer said...

Looks like a grand time. Wow, that is a lot of old people crammed into a little place dancing! Good for you for figuring out the best way to see the islands for mas meno dinero!

Emily said...

I have to say my favorite character is the tall old man in the yellow shirt trying to follow all the moves. Good times!

Emily said...

Oh, and I forgot to say, I love your masks! Where did you get them?

get2eric said...

The masks were borrowed from Al and Steph who generously offered them when I mentioned there would be a Hallowe'en party on board.

Anonymous said...