Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Riding and Reading

I'm back at the resort (still under construction) in Rancho Santa Fe.  Last time I came out on a private jet, this time I had to settle for FC on Continental Airlines.
Life is tough when you're retired.

When I arrived Steph picked me up and we went to the stables where Al had taken the kids for their weekly lessons ......
Videos are downloading to YouTube and when they are completed I will post them.  In the meantime Evelyn would like to say something to you.....Here is Evie:

i  want to watch Cinderella......(she typed it)
Me now......Oh, OK , Cinderella it is then.

More later....You Tube is taking ages to upload...


Anonymous said...

...Fantastic!! The postures...perfect!! beautiful ..xxxxxxxx


EdamameMommy said...

Too bad we didn't get any pics of your ride or you in your snazzy new boots.Thanks for taking the time to upload all those vids.