Wednesday, March 2, 2011

90 Years but who's Counting?

We went to a Waco Italian restaurant for lunch.  The food was terrific.
Dulce enjoyed her hours in the spotlight.
Jill, Tom, Beverly, Eric, Cinda and Joe were there.  Dulce said she would remember who was present when sending gifts next Christmas.
Here's a video of us all having fun.

The highlight perhaps was when Dulce Maria opened her cards after the meal and learned she was going on a cruise.

Leslie Stahl from 60 Minutes made an appearance ....

And Rita Hayworth guarded the door with her sexy pose....

And a video of the candle blowout and Happy Birthday song  


Anonymous said...

No way is that lively young lady 90 years old!! what a wonderful party you all had...Happy Belated Birthday,Dulcie...enjoy your Cruise. :) :) xx


Vetmommy said...

That is some classic Grandma Dulce! Thanks for sharing her celebration with us! Almost as good as being there in person.

Emily said...

So glad you captured the moments to share with us all! Thank you!