Thursday, March 24, 2011

Air Filter Change. Easy, right?

Two weeks ago I went to get the oil changed in my Honda.  We are religious about oil changes; a good friend who owned VDS Racing in Midland told us how important it is.
I took it to a shop I have trusted for 4 years in Houston.  Mechanics are tuff to trust and it's nice to feel you have a good trustworthy shop.

About an hour after I dropped it off, I got a call from them saying I needed this and that along with the oil change.  Trusting them I was OK with it until the guy said, " and your tires are showing some wear and need to be rotated"

I blew!  I have brand new tires not two weeks old........they obviously don't need rotating yet.

I told him to forget the air filter, forget the passenger cabin filter and forget the tires and just put new oil and oil filter in.

I told the manager how disappointed I was and he apologized but had no rationale as to why that happened.

So after I dropped off the cruisers today I stopped at O'Reilly's Car Parts and bought an air filter.
Well, what used to be a simple wing nut project is far different today.  There were four screws that I needed to back out holding the air filter cover in place.  That done I tried to remove the cover.......
No way.  Despite mucho force´ bruta I couldn't move it enough to slide out the old filter.  I had to release
two spring clips and a large screw clip before I could pull up the cover off.
Anyway it took a while and I saved 10 whole dollars.

On another subject I took the cruisers to Galveston and while I wanted a still picture, my camera was in movie mode so this is what you get.

As I said, I thought I was doing stills but this 'prolonged' snapshot is good too.


Anonymous said...

?? Wassat! where did it go?? need an update ,please. :)


Emily said...

Yes, a trustworthy mechanic is hard to find.

Love the big smiles as they embark on their cruise!

Anonymous said...

OK..I got it :) nice pics. would have loved a video of them all. :)