Monday, July 26, 2010

More Deer

Still have not revisited the 'Slash Pit' yet but, I will. When we move from this cabin at the end of the month we'll be closer to the pit..
The next cabin is in the village and I hope the bed is a better one than the one here :-(

Here are some more deer vids If I sound like I'm out of breath, I am. At 9600 ft walking up the 16 steps to the road to film the deer is an effort.

As you see I like having deer around.

We've been eating very well the past few days since our California care package arrived. We had fresh peaches, plums and corn and two very nice salame sausages. Oh, it is good stuff. Thanks Walkers.
Cards from each of the kids were appreciated too.

Big dinner tonight; we will have tenderloin, fresh corn and some Cabernet. Yeah!


Emily said...

Wow! That's awesome that they let you get so close. So Patch didn't notice them at all? Probably good, she'd go on the attack. :-)

get2eric said...

Actually the first time we saw deer Patch alerted us by barking at them. I don't know if she was preoccupied or what but this time she was not perturbed by them.