Saturday, July 3, 2010

Home on the Mountain

After a two day drive we arrived at Cloudcroft New Mexico where we will spend most of this summer. The oppressive heat last year in Houston convinced me that Houston is not the place to be in July and August.

We are 6 miles out of the village and almost 9K feet high on the side of a mountain in the Sacramento Range. The cabin has three levels and while it is small in many ways, it is comfortable for two people and a dog.

Our first morning here yesterday we saw 8 deer in the front driveway. We are still working on our daily routines since everything is new.......

I did take a few shots yesterday

Here's the back patio view..

Here's a vid from last night....

It's so chilly we need socks..

Bev at work on side porch


Anonymous said...

Looks perfect!!! would suit me down to the ground! the quiet mmm
Hey,Bev,I love the new hairstyle very much..less trouble too,huh? Enjoy your cool month both of you (and Patchy) x

Norma...I see why you bought the Bike now,Eric.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Norma, the short hair works with the helmet I wear on the bike - I cannot have a good hair-do in these parts! We are enjoying the cool, mountain air and environment - very peaceful. Bev

lindsey said...

Nooooo, the Brooks habit of socks with sandals goes beyond my dad!!!! :) Have a great summer and I hope the internet keeps working well for you.

Emily said...

Ha! Love the socks pic.