Thursday, April 9, 2009

Great Feedback

E-Mail.....I don't usually FWD much stuff because I am sensitive to people not wanting a lot of junk incoming.
I get way too much stuff that way and wish the people who just push it forward would count me out.

I do get some good stuff though and FWD it to a few of my contacts who I think would enjoy what I did. ( If you haven't got many FWDs from me you probably didn't vote for W ) And that's OK.

Anyway, I was so moved this morning by this Dallas volunteer that I was tearing up when I forwarded it to about 12 folks.

I went to the tennis tournament again today and when I got home and checked my mail I was blown away by the number of notes I got in response to my mailing of this video. Thanks to all who were moved as I was and told me so.


Emily said...

I'm not watching it again, because it made me cry the first time. It's a wonderful service that he's doing.

Vetmommy said...

Yes, that is so powerful.

I was listening today driving home to a story about how military families are making the tough decision to re-enlist, just for the job security in this bad economy. The sacrifices they are making for such little pay (albeit, with a re-enlistment bonus, housing allowance, and medical coverage) are tremendous. I cannot imagine our family being the same with a parent gone for such long stretches, and in danger of their life. They deserve our gratitude, as a minimum.

Anonymous said...

..Sniff..pass the hankie,Eric, :(

I think that is wonderful that those People said THANK-YOU to each of those Soldiers for fighting in the name of their Country.England should take a leaf out of the American People's book!


EdamameMommy said...

Dub-voters or no, anyone watching that has to be touched. THat guy Estes got me good when he choked up. There are no great acts, only small acts done with great love, to paraphrase MT.

Anonymous said...