Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Austin, Waco and Peter Piper's Gameroom.

We were in Pflugerville from Thursday night to Monday night watching Colin and Anna while their parents partied in Chicago.
We visited their school - Timmerman, and went to ballet practice with Anna. We tried to eat dinner at Chuy's but after we waited 15 minutes we found that the wait was another 45 minutes so we went to Ka Prow instead and saved Chuy's till Sunday lunch.

Saturday we visited with the ladies in Waco, Granma Dulce and Great Aunt Sudie Pearl. We had lunch with them at The Big House. Following that Bev took the kids to PPP and they had one hour of madness before we had to leave to return to P'ville for the ballet practice.

Jenn got back late Monday afternoon because of poor flight weather and so we were rather late getting back to Houston at 8.30pm and Bev had to unpack and repack for her trip to Las Vegas at 0900 this morning, whew!
It rained like heck from Brenham all the way back to River Oaks and again this morning it rained like mad all the way out to George (the best) Bush airport where I dropped Bev off for her flight.

Here are some pics and vids..

Here Nana shows the kids the Frog Leap test..


Vetmommy said...

Wow, how good does Nana look in those jeans?!? Way better than Anna does in socks and sandals!

Looks like you spoiled them at PPP. BTW the last video doesn't work for me.

get2eric said...

OK I'll fix it.........

Emily said...

I agree, Mommy looks great!

PPP is such a frenzy. I think an hour is plenty of time!

Anonymous said...

:( didn't work for me either!


Anonymous said...