Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Voyager of the Seas

We really had a good time. The children loved it and were well behaved. We had dinner together every night in the dining room and most days had lunch together too-in the dining room.

It was a wonderful week without food shopping, cooking and dishes!

The food on the ship was very good and although they kept all the fine wines I tried to smuggle aboard and gave it back to me once we returned to Galveston, we purchased some OK wines from them that made dinners a treat.

We exercised almost every day however with all the big meals, and desserts on most days, I gained a couple. Being more rational now and trying to get back to my pre-cruising (the one in December) weight and size.

The most memorable thing for me was the snorkeling in Cozumel. It was Anna's first time and she took to it like a polliwog. She was thrilled by the views of the fish and coral and was talking and pointing at them underwater. Gurgle gurgle.

Colin liked the shuffleboard and got to be pretty good at it.

Emily was great with the kids and enjoyed the cruise too. She pulled a trick on me in Cozumel where we went for lunch downtown San Miguel. I asked the waiter for the 'cuenta' and he said. " The cuenta señor is taken care of " Emily had surreptitiously settled the account when she stealthily slid off ostensibly to visit the baño.

Bev and Emily ready for the gym.

Colin and Mommy playing shuffleboard

And here Bev and Emily are on the balcony.

Here Anna shows her prowess at counting in multiples.....

Here we are playing UNO whilst waiting to get off at Georgetown GCI.......

Colin and Mommy at shuffleboard....

Anna sings the National Anthem Waay too high...but she struggled through it..

A little pirate ship..


Vetmommy said...

Those are some good memories!

EdamameMommy said...

wahoo, what fun. Em looks great, even if you post a shot of her while she's eating a smidgen of sweets. Anna's way-too-high anthem, ugh, I've been there! That's a tough song that you must start much lower than your normal register! And I'm glad to see that Jenn and I have the waxing and waning touch at shuffleboard gusto. Oh well, we can't be good at EVERYTHING now.

get2eric said...

Em does look great. I wanted to whisper into Anna's ear and get her to a pitch she could handle. Oh well. She actually could have gotten all shook up about it but with her grounded attitude she didn't.

Anonymous said...

AHHHhhhh, Oooohhhh, VUNDERBAR!!! Thanks ever so much for sharing your Holiday..gorgeous pics and I just read Jennifers and Emilys report on it..seems they all enjoyed themselves,huh? mmmmmm


Emily said...

Thanks for the compliments. Back to the program now, and I still want to lose more and tone it all up!

Anonymous said...