Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Gymnastics, Azaleas and Sprouts..........Sprouts?

The weather was very pleasant yesterday and when we arrived at Steph's the kids were playing on the front newly re-sodded yard. We had missed the antics in the hot tub but I did get Evie being dried off.

Moving to the front of the house
I got a few nice shots of Paige

and her friend Katharin

And another of Evie

Here are a few videos of the gymnastics.
MacKenzie is the talented little twirler.

And then while the adults have adult beverages-wine, Paige serves the kids water.

And Steph shows us how to do a headstand and Paige makes sure Grandad's cup is full.


Emily said...

Paige is a good hostess!
Looks like MacKenzie's foot has healed. Last time I saw her she had a cast.
Very impressive headstand, Steph!

Anonymous said...

I sit here with a stupid grin on my face watching these 'movies' hahaha I have just realised anyone coming upon me would think I was ga ga !! I felt like I was at the little party with Paige being the little Hostess..lovely as per usual. x

Anonymous said...

...ermmm that's me again above..forgot to 'sign' it,sorry.x


Anonymous said...